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Vietnam Veterans Thank You Card from America

Vietnam Veterans Thank You Card from America™




Make a Lasting Impression with
“The Vietnam Veterans Thank You Card from America™”
as we Ride for America’s Future.

 The Veterans in Defense of Liberty™ in association with Iceman Productions™ and Savannah Entertainment are producing an exciting 13 episode television series commemorating our American heritage while paying tribute and honoring our troops and veterans.

Produced for an American television audience, America Rising features the country’s top patriotic festivals, motorcycle rallies and concerts. Content includes a variety of high impact film shoot locations selected to inspire an American audience with national pride.

The series showcases a variety of festivity highlights and musical performances captured from several mass consumers attended events, with the common theme leading up towards The Vietnam Veterans Thank You Card from America’s delivery to the Vietnam Memorial in association with "Rolling Thunder® Inc. Ride for Freedom XXVII" Washington DC Memorial Day weekend 2015.

Correspondingly, the series also complements the commemoration of the 200th anniversary of The Spangled Banner.

America Rising is designed to showcase the sponsors contributing to support the Veterans in Defense of Liberty™ and the furtherance of their charitable mission and mandates.

A Television Series with a cause, capturing America’s National Pride at Festivals, Motorcycle Rallies and Celebrity Concerts.

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