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card mock upIn all of American history, no military troops returning from war were ever treated with more contempt than the heroes who served in Vietnam. There were no ticker tape parades, no awards ceremonies, no invitations to speak. Instead, the nation’s “homecoming” for our heroes ranged from avoidance and shame, to outright hostility and condemnation F

ew ever heard the words, “thank you.”

This national injustice has never been corrected. That is why Veterans in Defense of Liberty (VIDOL) has launched its “Vietnam Veterans Thank You Card from America” campaign.

The purpose of this nationwide effort is to repay that long-overdue debt of gratitude owed by our great nation to these deserving American heroes. It is not political, accusatory or apologetic. It is solely for the purpose of finally doing the right thing while many Vietnam Veterans are still alive.

A Thank You card will be produced for Americans to sign. It will read (prototype):

To the heroic men and women who served in America’s military during the Vietnam War:

Thank you for your service and sacrifices. Thank you for answering when your

country called. Thank you for bringing honor to our great nation and its awesome


We salute you, and will honor your memory for as long as the United States of

America exists.

God bless you,


Another grateful American


The goal is to collect the most names ever listed on a greeting card in history, with the total certified by Guinness Book of World Records. Nothing less would be as meaningful. Names and signature will be obtained on a small thank you card which will be stored in Vietnam era duffel bags and archived in perpetuity in the archives in Washington D.C.. The cards will returned to VIDOL, and the names transferred to the official campaign Thank You card, which will be large enough for the millions of signatures we seek.

Concurrently, the campaign will invite signers to petition the U.S. Congress for a full accounting of and total transparency of records for all American POW/MIA personnel. "For they deserve to walk on American soil or be buried within it." (presently  1,687  from Vietnam era)

The signature collection drive was officially announced in Washington, DC on Memorial Day,  during the Rolling Thunder(R), Inc. Rally at the Vietnam Memorial with the official launch taking place at the Branson press conference and VIP reception 10-17-2012 and was reinforced throughout  Branson's Veterans week.

The official presentation ceremony will occur, Memorial Day, at the Vietnam Memorial Wall  after the cards are escorted from Springfield Mo. Escorted by  Rolling Thunder Inc Chapter 1 Mo., North Carolina and Mississippi rolling thunder. The card will be presented by a civilian delegation         

( Connie Stevens - Honorary Chair, Larry Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers  Honorary and author James Robbins - Honorary Co-Chair) to a receiving delegation of Vietnam veterans (Eddie Beesley  veterans Chairman and Gene Dove Co-Chair.)

The many small greeting cards received during the campaign will be stacked in Duffel bags on the walkway at the Vietnam Memorial (symbolically presenting them to our fallen brothers) , then permanently housed in its official archives.

This act of national gratitude has been delayed far too long. Therefore, let us act with all the energy and resources available, so the greatest number of these heroes may live to see an enormous outpouring of respect, thanks and love directed at them from a grateful nation.

Actress Connie Stevens is serving as Honorary Chairman, singer and song writer Larry Gatlin and Writer, James Robbins are serving as honorary Co-Chairman.


download card1 copy

As a 501c(4) contributions or gifts to Veterans in Defense of Liberty are not tax deductible as charitable line

3 Responses to Sign & Support the Card Now!

  1. Helen Young says:

    I want to thank each and every Vietnam Veteran from the bottom of my heart for serving in that war and for serving our country. So many of you have been snubbed and treated badly because you served in the Vietnam war and I ask your forgiveness for all the people that treated you like that . The rest of us that love, honor and respect you are many fold, I am one of them.
    May God Bless each of each you with all the love, honor, and respect that you truly deserve.

    THANKING EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU from the bottom of my heart <3

  2. Steve S. Stewart says:

    Whether the Country in whole believed in the necessity or purpose of the Vietnam conflict, those soldiers who served where their Country sent them, are deserving of all the honor and thanks that is due them. It is about time it was expressed. To all of them, thank you.

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