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poster re-americanizeAs a Vietnam veteran and a 26 year long Air Force retiree, I want to say thank you for coming up with the Thank You card project.  This indeed makes what we went through upon returning to America worth while and I am thankful for someone coming up with the Veterans In Defense of  Liberty website and emails.  It was not a good feeling when we were told to wear civilian clothes when we were going through the airport and I fully understand why we were told to do so.  But when we were not able to receive thank yous and congratulations upon a good tour of duty in that (then) godforsaken country, it hurt our pride in doing our duty for our country.  What you have come up with is both remarkable and wonderful for those of us who had to slink back into our homeland.  Thank you so very much and may God and Country give you whatever you need to continue upon this quest.  Again, THANK YOU!!!!

                                                     - Lawrence J. Zucal, Lt Col, USAFR (Ret.)

P.S.  I would like to be one of the first ones to send the Thank You greeting to all of the other veterans of that war.


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  1. hollideck says:

    There is more to saying thank you than just signing your name. I am pleased to join my fellow Americans in supporting this national effort. Thank you for the opportunity…………A grateful American

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