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dr scott (1 of 1) 5x7Almost forty years ago, on March 29,1973, the last American combat troops left Vietnam.  Since then, America has gone through Grenada, Panama, the first Gulf War, Bosnia, Iraq and now Afghanistan.  But, something was forgotten as America moved on.  That forgotten something was from a unified America to every single veteran of the Vietnam war –Thank You!  A thank you that says that we appreciate you and to say God bless you for what you did for America and for us.

As a former member of the Marine Corp (1965-1971) and the Army Medical Corps (1981-1988), I never forgot the oath that I took when I joined the military – to serve and protect the Constitution, ending with “So help me God”.

Thus, a few years ago I closed a 21- year Ob/Gyn practice and founded Veterans in Defense of Liberty (ViDoL) in order to provide, for the first time in American history, an organizational vehicle to continue to honor our oath- to serve and protect the Constitution. When we ended our oath with, "So help me God"  it genuinely committed us for a long time. We were not relieved of our oath just because we hung up the uniform for the last time. The oath is, partially, that which binds us together as the most incredible brotherhood ever known. And brothers and sisters, we are indeed.

Our (ViDoL's) mission is to defend our Constitution and return to our Constitutional three soildersRepublic. As a part of that mission, we are intent on Re-Americanizing America. An element of Re-Americanizing America is to repay that long overdue debt and to heal a national wound.

This is the raison d'être Veterans in Defense of Liberty has stepped out to correct this national injustice, to repay this long-overdue debt of gratitude from a grateful nation to indisputable American heroes; Men and women who were not only heroes on the battlefield of Vietnam, but also on their countries street's when they returned home.

Through you, what has begun in Branson Missouri will spread across America to the entire veteran community. This step in the Re-Americanizing America is soon to be known across the country as the "VIETNAM VETERANS THANK YOU FROM AMERICA  CAMPAIGN." A campaign that is not political, not accusatory and not apologetic. It is solely for finally doing the right thing while some 850,00O of the original 2.8 million Vietnam veterans are still alive. 

With your help, we hope to gather a minimum of 5 million American names and signatures on individual  signature cards. After the names have been transposed to a large (5'x8') card, these signature cards will be secured in Branson, Missouri in Vietnam-era duffel bags (sea bags to you Marines and sailors) and stored in digitally-wrapped semi-trailers.

Beginning on May 15, 2015, many Rolling Thunder members(R), Inc. as well as  other MC clubs and any who wises to join us will escort these signature cards within the sem-trailers and "THE CARD" from Branson Missouri to Washington D.C.. Included in the escort will be; a contingency of Missouri State  Highway Patrol bikes, Rolling Thunder Inc Chapter 1 Mo.  and for at least part of the way, if not the entire trip, a "Huey copper".  On Saturday prior to Memorial Day 2015, the large Card will be presented to the Vietnam veterans by a civilian delegation led by the Honorary Chairman Connie Stevens and Honorary Co-Chairmen James Robbins and Larry Gatlin. The receiving Vietnam veteran delegation will be lead by Eddie Beesley and Gene Dove, who are pictured on The Card. This historic presentation will take place at the Vietnam Memorial Wall. As THE CARD is presented, veterans will stack the duffel bags, filled with American signature cards, along the walkway in front of the wall. Beyond the symbolism, every American who said Thanks will have their signature archived and stored in our national Capitol in perpetuity.

The $100 million Vietnam Education Center will open across the street from the Wall on Veterans Day.  As the Education Center opens the large card will be presented where, by their words, The Card will remain on display "As long as The United States of America exists."

It is time to do the right thing! It is time to pay this overdue debt of gratitude, but we need your help, brothers and sisters. We need your help to spread this through the American veteran community. Let us not let their lives dissolve into history without repayment.  Let us repay a long overdue debt of gratitude by joining together to say Thank You, loud and clear so that each and everyone of them hears it and history will be righted. 

On your way out of our website, download, print, sign and support THE CARD, then  drop it in the mail. Give us a call and talk with us as to how you can be involved, and help spread the cards around the county. Be a part of Re-Americanizing America!

Thank you in advance for joining the cause.

God bless all American Warriors!

Dr. Scott Magill

Executive Director

Veterans in Defense of Liberty

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