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From the desk of

Larry Gatlin

Campaign Honorary Co-Chairman


Dear Fellow American,


My brothers and I have been blessed to perform all over this great big, beautiful country.

I’m always pleased to have military veterans in our audience.  Sometimes I give them a shout out from the stage.  Audiences often give them as much cheers and applause as they give us!

Of course.  America’s veterans are our heroes.

But one group of these American heroes never heard the applause of respect and thanks they deserved from their country -- our Vietnam veterans.


You and I now have a chance to help right that wrong, and heal that old national wound.

You can do that just by signing the Vietnam Veterans Thank You Card From America, and supporting Veterans in Defense of Liberty’s effort to get that card out to millions more Americans to sign.

With your help, we’ll set a World Record for the most names ever listed on one greeting card!

 Please do your part to help reach that goal.

Together, you and I can show our remaining Vietnam Veterans that Americans gratefully applaud their service and sacrifice for our country.


God bless our Vietnam Veterans,


Larry Gatlin



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