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Connie Stevens, actress

 Honorary Chairman


My Dear Fellow Warriors and Caring American Citizens,


It has always been my honor to be surrounded by men and women who understand the responsibilities that come with Liberty.

 Being in the company of a Vietnam Veteran is indeed being with someone who understood this concept and sacrificed a part of their lives, if not their very life, for all of us and the service of our beloved country; with little or no thanks to speak of. 

 Let us not let their lives dissolve into History without repayment.  Let us repay a long overdue debt of gratitude by joining together to say thank you, loud and clear so that each and everyone of them hears it and History will be righted. 

 As with our glorious World War II Veterans, we are losing our Vietnam Vets up to 400 a day; by May of next year 70,000 fewer may be alive than there are today.  Please don’t hesitate to let them hear your voice…..Millions of Americans will receive an official thank you card to sign and return.  They will all be presented next Memorial Day – toremain on displayed at the “Education Center at the Wall” in Washington, to remain permanently archived, as long as America exists.


I do this in honor of all the countless faces I’ve seen, entertained and loved for all these years.       


Please make it a point to join us.


Thank You,

A Grateful American


Connie Stevens, Actress

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